But first…coffee!

Hello dolls and welcome to my small corner of the internet. Let me introduce myself; my name is Annabelle (Ms Belle BonBon) and I am a twenty-something Londoner who strives to consistently look on the bright side of life. By day I can often be found rushing around London, coffee in hand, and by night I am normally curled up on my sofa watching an episode of Kath & Kim (look it up, you won’t regret it!)

As a young woman who grew up loathing her body, it has taken many years to gain confidence in myself and my style. Age of Annabelle is a corner where I can celebrate all the things I love, and prove you don’t need to fit into a certain mould to be fabulous! On this blog you will find my love for vintage and pinup style fashion, eccentricity, all things sparkly, and the odd catch up!

Writing has always been a passion of my mine and I am lucky enough that in my professional life, I get to do this (albeit about slightly more corporate topics.)

Apart from writing, I also have a fierce travel bug which has led me travel all around the world, from the blue seas of the Mediterranean to the fierce waves of the Pacific. I own far too many red lipsticks, and one too many polka dot items.

Thanks for joining me in my little home, so pull up a chair, grab a hot beverage of choice and enjoy!