But first, coffee.

Hey dolls,

Whew it has been a hot minute, and what a minute. As I write this, we are one week into lock down, with two more to go. It seems in a few short months 2020 has gone from being ‘the year,’ to a big ol’mess. However, I am nothing if not an optimist so yes while I may be locked down, and the four walls of my house may be starting to look small, I thought I would focus on a few things I am loving at the moment.

  1. Hot coffee drank outside! I have just started a new job, completely remotely, so it sometimes gets a bit hard to stay motivated. Taking ten and sitting out in my garden with a hot coffee has been a life saver. It is a reminder that the weather is getting warmer, life is still growing and sometimes you really do need to stop and smell the roses (well grass, the roses haven’t quite bloomed yet.)
  2. Q&A every day. This was something I bought before Christmas, originally as a present, but I kept for myself and everyday I have been answering the short question asked. I love to write, and often writing is my escape, plus I love that I can document a short thought every day for the next five years. Whether I keep it up, we shall see…but it’s March 27th and I’m doing well so far.
  3. Reading! Life has been hectic so far this year, I have moved jobs, got engaged, gone through visa processes, so while this lock down is stressful, it’s also given me time to tackle my never ending TBR list (see optimist!) I’m trying to broaden my reading horizons and reach for books I wouldn’t otherwise, and this Norwegian crime thriller is so far hitting the spot.
  4. The outdoors. As I mentioned above, having an outdoor space has been a lifesaver, I am fortunate to have a garden, and in terms of keeping my mental health in check it has been essential. While I am a home hermit and enjoy staying indoors, I don’t like being literally in doors all day. I’ve also been trying (albeit not that hard) to go on regular walks/runs with my fiancee in the morning. It’s been nice to have a debrief without distractions and just be in each others company.
  5. The people around me. What’s a lock down without the company of great people? I am fortunate to be under lock down with my fiancee and my Mum so that has been helping. Also yes, I did say fiancee!!!! I got engaged about a month ago and am already starting to think about the wedding, but more on that in the future. For now, I am just happy I get to rant, laugh, stress, and be happy with people who care about me.

Whatever your situation right now, make sure to take some time to make a note of what your loving or thankful for. It’s easy to get bogged down by negative news at the moment, and it can sometimes seem all consuming. I’ve personally found limiting my news intake and social media scrolling to have helped, but it’s important to find a balance between being informed and being overwhelmed.

Until next time,

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