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Hellbunny Miss Muffet Skirt Review

It is one of my favourite times of year: Halloween! Since I was a child I have loved Halloween, and while I am no longer trick or treating, I do still enjoy dressing up every year. For most who embody a vintage style, everyday is a chance to dress up, but towards the spooky season, my style becomes more, well spooky! Hellbunny perfectly walk the line between pinup and spookiness for me, to feel comfortable incorporating their pieces in my everyday wardrobe. I ordered the Miss Muffet black circle skirt last year, but have only really started wearing it recently, as it fits a bit better post a wee bit of weight loss.

Hellbunny have a range of clothes, from dresses, to tops, to swimwear, and while I own a few dresses, this is my only skirt from the brand. The Miss Muffet skirt is a full circle skirt, so a petticoat can be worn underneath and your twirl will be a full twirl. It is made of a non-stretch black cotton, with white piping along the hemline, and two spiderweb side pockets (with one featuring a spider!) The waistband is fitted with a back zip and button to fasten. On myself, being 5’1, the skirt hits mid-calf which for a vintage look is perfect, but on taller people it is aimed to hit just below the knee.

Onto sizing-truth be told, Hellbunny is all over the place with sizing. I am wearing a 3XL which is around a 18/20, and the waistband is slightly large but not so large, I’d be comfortable in the 2XL. As with many reproduction brands, checking the size chart is a must, and order what correlates with your waist measurement, and don’t pay too much mind to the label. At the moment Hellbunny are only stocking sizes XS-XL on their main website, which is around an 8-16; but other retailers are selling the plus size version that runs from 2XL-4XL, which is around an 18-22. The skirt retails for £35.99, so certainly not as pricey as some vintage reproduction brands, but certainly an item you want to fit, so check the chart.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween: full costume or just elements?

Skirt  | Hellbunny Miss Muffet Skirt

Top | Primark

Hat | Poundland

Sunglasses | Vivien of Holloway

2 thoughts on “Hellbunny Miss Muffet Skirt Review

  1. Love the skirt! I see hellbunny stuff a lot online. I love the look of their dresses. There UK sizes right? I find UK sizes run small. I never order anything off line because I’m afraid it wont fit.


    1. Hello! They are UK sizes but agreed they do run small, so if you do order, I’d grab a tape measure and size up because the clothing is lovely but a bit iffy on sizing 🙂 xx

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